There are no rebates being offered for products at this time. Please check back again soon.

If you purchased a product recently, it may still be eligible for a rebate. Check HERE for details on past rebate offers.

In the meantime, check out some other products.

  • proxd-tx-rx

    PRO-XD 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone System

  • 310LT

    310LT UHF Diversity Wireless Lavalier System

    (Mail-In Rebate)
  • 330LT

    330LT Dual Channel UHF Wireless Lavalier System

    (Mail-In Rebate)
  • WLX-PRO+i

    i-Coustics® WLX-PRO+i Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

  • SMX-30-back-right

    SMX-30 Stereo/Mono Switchable Video Microphone

  • fmx-42u-1-2

    FMX-42u – 4 Channel Portable Mixer w/ USB Digital Audio Output

    (Mail-In Rebate)
  • SMX-15

    SMX-15 Powered Shotgun Video Microphone

  • WDL-PRO-sq

    WDL-PRO Dual Channel VHF Wireless Lavalier System

    (Mail-In Rebate)

    FMX-DSLR – Mixer / Audio Adapter For DSLR Cameras

    (Mail-In Rebate)
  • EX-503i-phone

    i-Coustics® EX-503i Smartphone Lapel Microphone

  • SGM-250_1sq

    SGM-250 Professional Dual Powered Shotgun Microphone

    (Mail-In Rebate)
  • smx-10-new-3

    SMX-10 Stereo Microphone

    5 out of 5